Phase 1 - Launching The Collection

  • Marketing & building of social media presence
  • Launch of The Lucky Ladies collection
  • Sell out of complete 3,333 The Lucky Ladies initial mint

Phase 2 - Decentraland Development

  • Immediately following the sell out of the collection, Decentraland property will be identified and purchased for the development of The Lucky Ladies Nightclub
  • Building The Lucky Ladies Nightclub on the purchased property to include multiple exclusive levels for NFT holders only
  • Begin Development of the second generation of Lucky Ladies which will guarantee an Airdrop to all Gen 1 holders

Phase 3 - The Lucky Ladies Nightclub Opening

  • Once development of The Lucky Ladies Nightclub is complete, we will launch our Grand Opening!
  • Unveiling of VIP areas accessible only to NFT holders within The Lucky Ladies Nightclub
  • A massive party will be hosted at the new nightclub with VIP access for Lucky Lady NFT holders

Phase 4 - Continued Community Based Entertainment

  • Ongoing parties and community based events held at The Lucky Ladies Nightclub
  • Developing wearables for your Decentraland characters