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Q: How much will it cost to mint a Lucky Ladies NFT?
A: 0.08 ETH
Q: When is the public launch date?
A: June 29th, 2022
Q: How can I get Whitelisted?
A: Details coming soon
Q: What are the royalties?
A: 5%
Q: What will you do with the Community Treasury?
A: As soon as all 3,333 NFTs are minted, we will transition into Phase 2. Phase 2 will be purchasing land in Decentraland to begin building our Lucky Ladies Nightclub & VIP room for exclusive offerings. The VIP access may even contain a few casino tables....
Q: Where can I purchase a Lucky Lady NFT?
A: You will be able to mint one of our NFTs through our website www.TheLuckyLadiesNFT.com.
Q: How do I join the Discord?
A: Our Discord invite link can be found on any of our socials or click below to join now!
Q: Is The Lucky Ladies team Doxxed?
A: To preserve the security and integrity of our families and careers the team has chosen not to Doxx at this time. Rather we are pursuing 3rd party KYC verification through Assurance DeFi in order to ensure trust and accountability for our community. KYC verification will be finalized and announced a week prior to the 1st generation mint.
Q: What is The Lucky Ladies Nightclub?
A: A nightclub that will be located in Decentraland and owned by The Lucky Ladies project. The entertainment venue will be developed after completion of the 1st generation mint and will host live events, parties and provide exclusive areas and entertainment for our NFT holders.